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Why green table?            

When I thought about a name, I worked back from what I cherish in good communication, what I value: it's authentic, casual, inviting, and it's about conversation, about stories. 
That made me think of our table.
It is where we invite guests. Drink coffee. Talk. Make food. Sort garden veggies. Eat. Spread out and work. Actually, where we do a lot of work!
For my family, it's the center of our home and summarizes our values.
Where did our table come from? 

Our treasured green table is a hand-me-down. It was my mother-in-law's back when she was single. She is who painted it green! It was already old when she got it, so it goes way back. 

By the way, it's had its own adventures. Follow us on Instagram! 

About me          

Hi! I'm Amelia. I love doing all things communications— writing, marketing, graphic design, web design, and more! I work with lots of different clients—public health, higher education, and small business are a few of my areas of expertise. 

Amelia Fontella

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